Yummy Pet Box

Smart and clean. For real gentlepets.

Revolutionary twist to your pet’s feeding habits.

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What is

YummyPetBox protects your pet’s food and water from bacteria, dust, dangerous particles and other unwanted guests.

Thanks to its opening mechanism, YummyPetBox improves your pet’s learning skills while providing a more hygienic feeding environment.
It is designed for dogs and cats of all sizes.
It comes in different materials and colors to fit your home in the best possible and most practical way,

First food box that trains your pet!

brain development

The opening mechanism makes your pet adopt new thinking patterns

protection from bacteria

The lid keeps your pet’s bowls protected from bacteria contamination

hygienic feeding environment

YummyPetBox makes the bowls safe to use and keeps your pet’s feeding environment clean

no unwanted guests

Mice, birds and other animals won't be able to eat or drink from your pet’s bowls

protection from rain

Your pet’s bowls will remain clean even during different atmospheric influences

higher food quality

YummyPetBox extends the shelf life of food and keeps the water fresh for longer time



Open the YummyPetBox, pour some food and water into the bowls and let your pet investigate his new gift.


Your pet steps on the YummyPetBox’s opening pad. 


The YummyPetBox opens and reveals the yummy treasures.


Your pet is eating like a real gentlepet! Bon appetit!

How YummyPetBox works

Our Product


Modern YummyPetBox

  • high quality

  • durable

  • waterproof

  • all sizes

  • different colors

Wooden YummyPetBox

  • finest wood

  • eco-friendly

  • classy

  • weather resistant

  • different colors


Luna, Westie

Luna was the first one to try Yummy Pet Box, since her humans were the ones to come up with the idea. She instantly fell in love with it, and has been using her new cool gadget ever since. A true doggy trendsetter.

Paco, Havanese

Paco was a bit sceptical at first, but when he found all the yummy treasures, he started opening the box all the time, just like we, humans, open the fridge. Just in case something magically appeared. We all know the feeling.

Ollie, Greyhound

Ollie learned right away how to use the box. He sniffed what was inside, started observing, stepped on the pad, and then he just started coming back for more. Who would say this guy was so handsome with all that food? I guess it's in the genes.

Bella, Frenchie

Bella found the box very interesting to sit by at first. Once we opened the box, and she saw what was inside, her look said: "Challenge accepted!". After 45 minutes of circling around it, she finally figured it out and now it's her favorite toy. Plus, it feeds her!

Our satisfied Gentlepets


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How long does it take for dogs to learn how to use YPB?

This really depends from dog to dog. It can vary from 5 minutes to a couple of days. You just need to stay patient and help your pet develop and improve their new skills.
Vet recommends: Leave the box open at first, so they see what pleasures hide within.

Is it something dogs really like?

Actually, as we’ve really wanted to do something for both the dogs and the owners, this is what was really important to us. Dogs seem to find the box very amusing. We’ve seen them opening the box, just for fun, just as humans open the fridge to see if some food magically appeared in there.

Can I put the box outside?

Of course! This is one of the many advantages of YPB - your dog’s food will be kept safe from those cute but hungry furry neighbours, unwanted guests, bacteria or other dangerous particles. The box also protects your dog’s food and water from rain and dust.

Wooden boxes have proven to be more useful inside of the house, while we recommend the modern ones for your yard.


For real gentlepets.

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